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The Meeting Planner

Ideal to Schedule meetings, conferences, phone calls or video conferences.

Use The Meeting Planner to find the time of day for any given date across multiple time zones and determine in advance the best time of day to schedule your event.

As an example if you schedule your event for 10:00 AM in New York what time will it be in Los Angeles, California? Answer: 6:00AM and in Hawaii it would be 4:00 AM! Use the Meeting Planner to find a more suitable time for all.

  • Schedule Time and Dates in Advance
  • Printable Table
  • Share URL Link automatically generated
  • Add to Outlook Calendar
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The Meeting Planner - How To Use It
Takes less than 1 minute to setup and share yet saves hours of time.
Step 1 - The Meeting Planner - Select Dates and Locations
Step 2 - View Results - Showing Times for Each Location
Step 3 - Optional - Add to Outlook or Calendar